Much is said within the architectural and design community about the ‘process’.

Mark preso photo)


Whether the project is a preliminary concept to be used for fundraising and public awareness or whether the project is a well- defined multi-million dollar design/build project for a science center, there is an applicable process for taking the client from the kick-off meeting to the opening ceremony.


No two projects are identical.  That being said, all projects tend to be a variation on a clear-cut articulable set of processes which have been developed and continue to be refined by M. Catton & Co., LLC, over the last thirty years.


Modesty prevents us from taking exclusive credit for the original series of design/fabrication phases.  It has been said that we, in this industry, are allowed to borrow and repurpose ideas because we are professionals.  It is no different with our processes.  Using ideas gleaned from countless projects, we have evolved a proven, understandable and simple series of steps.  These steps, when followed, not only dramatically increase the odds of success on the given project, but add the necessary bona fides required to instill confidence in the museum Boards and benefactors.